Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unlimited Time Tunnel

Sky diving is one of the most difficult game, if you watched this before you can understand and making ad with this conception is how much tough you can understood. Difficult is worth doing - is such a advertisement by Honda for their new product (car) "Honda Accord". The professional sky diver cum cameraman shoot the action from the sky with a help of a parachute. It's fantastic. If you watch the video below you will understand the fact and you will see Honda always makes creative and original ads...

The name Accord means "Harmony of people's opinions". The ads shows the integrity and quality of Honda Accord. Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer since 1976 and Accord is one of the first car produced by Japanese in US. Accord is Fast, Fuel Efficient, Low Emission, World Class Product, So, before buying a new car you should think about this world class product from Honda that's "Accord" .

Sponsored by Honda

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