Friday, September 9, 2011

Accessories for mobile and Laptop in

While after a long time this post is to inform you that has opened the accessories category for mobile and laptops. You can find easily about consumermate business from my previous post on this blog. In a sentence, consumermate is providing the information on technicalities and best price for the electronics gadget lover. Mobile phones, Laptops, Digital Camera, LCD/Plasma TVs, Camcorder, Tablets and MP3 players have been included in their website. Where you can Compare Models get the Test Center Ratings, User Reviews , Know The Basics, news on New Launches and Hot Deals, File Complaint, Ask Experts, and get access to various online stores.
Actually i was thinking why they are not listing the accessories for the gadgets. but recently came to know that they have included accessories for mobile and laptop. I have checked the website where you should check the pen drive price and bluetooth headset price and please state your comment on this post.
Some different brands they have listed are- Amkette, Corsair, Hipstreet, HP, Kingston, Moser baer, PNY and Sandisk in the pen drive category and Asus, Creative, Genius, HipStree, iBall, Intex and Logitech in the headset category, while the list is small till now and we expect get longer in near future. The webcam and mouse category is also very interesting. just check it out, you can grab a special offer for some selected product.
Hope you will like the new categories in, do not forget to give your comment on the post.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check the Mobile Before Buying

India is making good business with mobile phone. That may be service operator or phone manufacturer and is one of the top business right now here. Mobile phone starting with less than Rs. 1000 ($22) to brands like Apple, Motorola is making good business here in india. Thousand of models with hundreds of mobile phone manufacturer is trying to give the best one with competitive rates. Then how would you select your handset? It is very tough to give the answer in a generalized form as parameter like technicalities and price matters. I can suggest Consumermate.Com, where you will meet all the needs. In the Mobile category of Consumermate.Com thousand of mobile phones has been included. Brands like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Blackberry , Micromax, Maxx , HTC , Motorola , Zen , Apple, LG , Fly, Spice , Accord , Acer , Airfone, Ajanta , AKAI , Alcatel, Aroma , ASUS , Beetel , Bleu , Bling , Boss , Byond , Chinese Handsets , Colors , Dell , GeePee , Genus , GFive , GFone, Google , Haier , HUAWEI , iBall , iBuzz , INQ , Intex , Ion , Karbonn , Kobian , Lava , Lemon , Lephone , Longtel , Magicon , Maxfone , MCC , Mi-Fone , Microsoft , Movil , MTS , MVL , Olive, Onida , Panasonic , Pine , Ray , Sharp , Sky , T-Series , Techberry , Techcom , Videocon , Vodafone , Vox , WIWO , Wynncom , XAGE etc has been included in the mobile section.

According to price, phone type, key features and OS Type you can select you phone.

Nokia phones india is craze to it, you can check out this at Consumermate.Com

Consumermate to launch Tablet and MP3 Section

I am again going to write on my favorite website ConsumerMate.Com. Why? It's Simple.. they are providing the information on technicalities and best price for the electronics gadget lover(As i am). Starting with the Mobile phones, Laptops, Digital Camera, LCD/Plasma TVs and Camcorder they have included Tablets and MP3 players section in their website. Where you can Compare Models get the Test Center Ratings, User Reviews , Know The Basics, news on New Launches and Hot Deals, File Complaint, Ask Experts, and get access to various Online Stores. In a sentence, you will get the best product with best price.
Tabletsare the latest craze in Indian market, especially the youth are fond of this new gadget. Laptop and Palmtop is slightly off in craze for the young generation of India. As always India welcomes the new technology. Mp3 players is on for the last 10 years. Though it is not new on topic but the interesting part is that when one wish to buy a mp3 player, he/she will get various models in a specific range, whcih is really making trouble to select the best one. ConsumerMate is for those person. They will get the best expert advice from Consumermate. In the Tablet india Section they have included brands like Apple, Asus, Blackberry, CTL, Dell, MSI, Notionink, Olive, Samsung and Viewsonic. And in mp3 players india section they have included Apple, Sony, Philips, Cowon, Creative, Samsung, Transcend, SanDisk, Yes, Aigo, Hipstreet, iBall, iRiver, LG, Mitashi, Mobiblu, Moser Baer, NewsMy, VOX, Wespro and Zebronics.

Consumermate is launching a new User Review Contest! you can participate in this online contest and win prizes like: Digital camera, Pen drives etc.

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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