Sunday, June 8, 2008

The real fact of the money making scheme for bloggers

Some days ago i have signed up for Pay per post. Yes, It is my first signed up to earn money. i was very excited those days that i will make my first income from my own creating(blog, I know those who earned a very little from his own creativity is smiling now. After some days of signing up i saw they send me an email stated that my blog was rejected because of a very little age (less than 3 months) and don't contained 30 post. i was embarrassed. i thought i can't earn money.

After 10 days i logged in my account in PAY PER POST and saw that they have revised their policy and changed it to 1 month old and 10 post contained. Just seeing that i again submitted my blog there and it got approved after few days. i found only one job to write and after 30 days they will pay me $20 if my post will meet all the criteria.

I wrote the post and really forgot about the money because it was going to take 30 days for payment. one day in a cyber cafe i got a mail from paypal that i have got $20 and have to accept it. That day was a very special day for me.

I can tell you there are millions of blogger' s want to make money from there blog but friends it is really tough these days to make money through blogging.if have to work hard for that and need a good tariff for your site. So you can trust on pay per post they are really paying, and most of the blogger love this one..

if you are new to payperpost here is the link to join PAY PER POST

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