Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Download whole website

Friend i found one software which downloads the whole website. Rather than opening the pages and saving individually this one downloads the whole website easily.
Generally what we do for saving a webpage-
  • We open the page which is to save
  • Then go to file menu and select save page as
  • and save it as Web Page, complete , Web Page, text file or Html only.
Now we don't need to do so. we can use this software and it will accomplish this task everything perfectly, replicating the directory structure exactly as it is online.

so you need the name of this software that is- Website Downloader and the link is

Its cost arround $ 16.95 and it is a one-time fees..


gedet basumatary said...

Wow...this software will very useful and handy but damn it; it costs a lot...lets see if we get 1 for free somewhere :)

john said...

Yaah i think you will get it...