Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keyboard Shortcut for Windows

Sometimes we need some shortcut in operating our PC. So, today i thought to publish such a list of important shortcut which will surely help us to use our computer more easily. I think you will love this post and don't forget to publish your comment on this post... please write why you liked this post?

CTRL+C (Copy)
CTRL+X (Cut)
CTRL+V (Paste)
CTRL+Z (Undo)
DELETE (Delete)
SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin)
CTRL while dragging an item (Copy the selected item)
CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item (Create a shortcut to the selected item)
F2 key (Rename the selected item)
CTRL+RIGHT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word)
CTRL+LEFT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word)
CTRL+DOWN ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph)
CTRL+UP ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph)
CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Highlight a block of text)
SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document)
CTRL+A (Select all)
F3 key (Search for a file or a folder)
ALT+ENTER (View the properties for the selected item)
ALT+F4 (Close the active item, or quit the active program)
ALT+ENTER (Display the properties of the selected object)
ALT+SPACEBAR (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)
CTRL+F4 (Close the active document in programs that enable you to have multiple documents open simultaneously)
ALT+TAB (Switch between the open items)
ALT+ESC (Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened)
F6 key (Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop)
F4 key (Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
SHIFT+F10 (Display the shortcut menu for the selected item)
ALT+SPACEBAR (Display the System menu for the active window)
CTRL+ESC (Display the Start menu)
ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name (Display the corresponding menu)
Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu (Perform the corresponding command)
F10 key (Activate the menu bar in the active program)
RIGHT ARROW (Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu)
LEFT ARROW (Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu)
F5 key (Update the active window)
BACKSPACE (View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
ESC (Cancel the current task)
SHIFT when you insert a CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive (Prevent the CD-ROM from automatically playing)
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (Open Task Manager)

Disney Bingo

Are you crazy about Disney? Do you watch the Disney channel all time when you are with your television set? Then this post is only for you... Actually i love to watch Disney channel and i am fond of different character such as, Cinderella, Bambi, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Jasmine , Lido, Zack and Cody, Wall-E, Winnie The Pooh, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Geoffy, Shaun The Sheep and of course Mr. Bean. Why don't you share your favorite one as a comment in this post? Lets see what matches our taste..
Amazon.Com and several other online shopping have quality DVD and VCD game related to Disney, which entertain us all the time. You can buy it from them as well as ScreenLife Game have a huge number of fantastic DVD video game which is a latest craze. Age from 4 years and above child will surely love this Disney Bingo. It is a good methodology to teach your child who can't study yet because of age. They will love to learn numbers, colors, and matching skills with their favorite Disney characters and movie clips.
This can be a good gift for kids, you might want to try out ScreenLife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game. I am embedding a video which let you know about these games.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Freelancer : Blogging - chance to win a ad in this blog..

Well, there are thousands blogger blogging for money... and today i would like to know what is the difference between a paid blogger and a non paid blogger? Please comment your views on this difference... This post is only for your comment... and randomly chosen blog with get a text link ad i my homepage..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Expand your business with

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Blog Directories in The Web

Today, I am publishing a new post which will surely help you... Below is a list Blog Directories in the web right now. If you have a blog then get your site listed in these directories for increasing your page rank. Get thousands of traffic to your blog and earn good money... 

I am sure you will love this post... and don't forget to publish your comment on this important post... The list is according to Alexa Rank....

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LASIK Technology and iLASIK

iLASIK™ the modern version of Lasik technology used for the correction of vision. This technology reshapes our cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in our eyes actually these imperfections are essentially because sometimes we are nearsighted, farsighted, etc. Well,  This LASIK technology (iLASIK™) uses two lasers instead of one. According to Dr. Schallhorn, “technologically speaking, there is no better time than now to join the over 12 million Americans who have benefited from LASIK.". iLASIK™ procedure fees will typically range between $2,000-$3,000 per eye, which includes includes all of the pre-surgery evaluation and post-surgery follow-up exams.
With the advanced lasik technology NASA and US military use to take this technology for their critical missions.According to Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired U.S. Navy captain and leader of clinical research  “The DOD and NASA have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness,...” Data has been found that 100 military personnel showed that 95&percnt achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better and 100&percnt of naval aviators have undergone this procedure and recommends this surgery to others naval aviators.

So lets see how this technology work :

"In the first stage of iLASIK, wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual’s eyes. Then, an ultra fast, computer-guided laser creates a corneal flap. This laser replaces the handheld microkeratome blade used in older forms of LASIK and makes the procedure exceptionally safe. After the flap is created, the wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for vision correction."

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

'Paid Post' - how true it is?

Blogger's are rushing toward the paid post to earn some money. Actually it it a good income for the blogger indeed. The process is very simple, Advertisers need some post about their products and services and they are paying blogger to write a review with some links to their website. And a middleman is earning for providing this services. But what about the audiences ? Are they getting what they want. Actually yesterday, i was travelling in train and the person sitting behind me asked about my profession. While talking to him he asked me that "when you write a post by taking money from advertisers then what is the truthfulness of the post?" I was actually stunned to his question and become speechless for a while. I answered him it's 100% false, because i can't write my opinion (Criticise) by taking money from advertiser when he bound me to write in positive tone. Then he advised me to write on this topic for my genuine audiences.

I would like to dedicate this post to my valuable audiences. I know they will understand.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google in war with Microsoft with launch of Chrome

Google launched “Chrome” the first web browser and challeged microsoft. OOhh.. its only 3 months gone after firefox 3 realease. This time, Microsoft’s opponent is Google, a familiar foe. So, The war is Between IE8 and Chrome. And who will win? Lets See.. Google already competes with Microsoft in online search and Internet advertising.

“The browser landscape is highly competitive,” said Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer group. “But people will choose Internet Explorer 8 for the way it puts the services they want right at their fingertips, respects their personal choices about how they want to browse and, more than any other browsing technology, puts them in control of their personal data online.”

Just two week ago Google renewed its deal with Mozilla through to November 2011 whereby they pay around US$85 million annually to Mozilla to make Google Search the default home page and search bar.

But. ten days after launched Chrome, the percentage of readers using it to reach “Computerworld’s” Web site has dropped from a peak of 9.7% right after the browser was released and stabilized at between 5% and 6%.

So, Lets watch the war…

How easy to earn money from blogging?

I am going to share my view on earning money from blogging. Thousands of blogger earned a good money from blogs in the past. But i am sure that they are not earning so much now a days. Actually the main cause is - There are thousands of blogger in the web right now and a huge portion of them are blogging for money. Most of them don't have any creativity (Not all). They are creating blogs, signing up for money making platform and writing paid posts. These new blogger have made the path very tough. The bidding system fails, with such low bid (As low as $ 0.01). Its very funny that some advertisers even pay $0.01 and the newer rush to it. Actually they don't have an idea what they are doing. I think the advertisers should think about it. $0.01 can't be blogger's payment. The advertisers gets low cost advertising and the blogger gets nothing.

I need yours valuable comment on this critique...

Take photograph of yours Destop

IF you are interested to take a photograph of your destop then follow the simple steps. Actually this process also help you to take any photograph of any Window, Files, Folder.OK Now try it..

1. Make sure of which page or window' s photo you want to take.
2. Click on that page (anywhere) an press Print Screen key (You will find it in the upper section of ARROW KEY).
3. Now open Paint (which creates and edits photos) and Press Ctrl+V all together (This only paste).
4. Save the paint file, Its all done.

Now your photographs is ready. Enjoy...

Check your bandwidth use anytime

If you are using any broadband Internet connection and you have a maximum limit of bandwidth uses per month then this post might help you. For the last 5-6 months i am using a bandwidth meter which always shows me how much bandwidth i have been already used, and this let me know how much free bandwidth is still available. Actually Shaplus is providing this amazing software. After installation this will show a small icon in the Task Bar (Beside the clock) in the desktop. When you click in the icon it shows how much bandwidth has been used CURRENTLY-TODAY-and THIS MONTH. I think you should use this software to keep yours pocket safe. If you need this one visit Shaplus Website and downloads as you need.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free forum hosting service!

Forums-Free.Com providing free forum posting in the web for free. If you don't have an idea how to create a forum then you should visit their site and take the advantage of free forum in the web. They are providing 1 GB free space to build your forum. You will additionally get more than 40 ready themes, they have 9 language in the main site as well as 39 different language in the forum system. Chat box and Portal are also available. There are about 200 new forum are being created every day.Forums- Free.Com is planning to increase this forum space soon to 2, 4and 8 GB.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ohio University at Ohio State : Game Summary

Ohio State survived a defensive battle, survived without running back Beanie Wells and survived a scare.
Surging back from a third-quarter deficit to top Ohio University 26-14 Saturday afternoon.

Game Notes

Ohio State finished with 162 yards on the ground, but did give up 145 rushing yards to the Bobcats...Ohio started the season 0-2 for the first time since 2002 and still hasn't beaten a ranked opponent (0-14)...The Buckeyes finished with 272 total yards and Ohio mustered 254 net yards.

source: http://SportsNetwork.Com

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