Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to recover you crashed hard disc

If you have the question how to recover you hard disc ?

Firstly you have to know What is Data Recover ?
# It is a process of making or restore previously lost or damaged data.

How to Recover data from data stored on damaged media or corrupt storage device, such as hard disc?
#You can do it by a software is used Disk recovery program which analyze & examines hard disk drive and recover & restores the data back.

Where it is applicable ?
# All popular Operating System Windows, Novell, Linux & Mac.

What is the file systems where it is applicable?
# FAT, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, NWFS, NSS, HFS & HFS+ etc.

In what Situation it can be data can be recovered?
#Hard Disk Drive Crash , Water Damaged , Fire / Heat / Smoke Damag, Software Failure & corruption, Power Outage, Electrical shortage, Virus Damage & Repair

NOTE: No technical skill is required. You have to buy a good data recovery software and use it...

Readers are requested to post some link, which are good according to them for DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARES...

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syed said...

well it is a good approach regarding data recovery and give some idea and information,you can also get a vast information and data recovery solutions which i am using from last few months.