Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A defragmentation process without any software

We need to defragment our hard disc. For this purpose we generally use Disc Defragmenter which is found in the Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System tools. But Today I am going to tell you a process of defragmentation with out any software's.
NOTE: Windows Defragmentation tool takes a lot time but it really defragment your hard disc nicely.

So, the steps are as follows

  • Open Notepad and paste:-

; context_defrag.INF

; Adds Defrag to the right click context menu in Windows XP






HKCR,"Drive\Shell\Defrag\command",,,"DEFRAG.EXE %1"

  • Now save it as context_defrag.inf (save with it with the Save as type set to All Files and not text Documents)
  • Now, right click on the icon and select install... It's all done....
  • To defragment, right click in the Drive (E.g. C, D, E etc) and select defrag...

Wait for some time... the black box (Command box) will appear and it starts defragmenting the drive. And it will vanish after it finishes...keep patience...

Be Cool....

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Anonymous said...

The Windows XP defrag program ( a stripped down version of the full Diskeeper version) is okay if the drives dont get fragmented very often. However for larger drives that get cluttered very fast, it requires lots of patience and sometimes scheduling tasks or running defrag manually can be a pain. For that the fullu automatic version is better.
The Vista defragger is automatic but doesnt give visuals! So I use DK now on both my PCs.