Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Save your MS Word Document to pdf

Sometimes we see, the saved word document has changed its format when we open it in another computer and specially when it contains some pictures or graphs or table. This situation is embarrassing sometimes. We all know that pdf is better in this situations. we can save word files in pdf format easily. all we need is software. I use Cute pdf Writer for this purpose. Firstly you have to download and install a pdf writer. You can get it clicking here.
After restarting open a word document and select print option and select printer Cute pdf Writer and check the box all pages and click print. A box will come select the place where you want to save it and click OK. that's all your pdf file is ready. Check the pdf file, i think all the pages have been successfully saved.

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ajay said...

very good tip to save files in pdf format