Friday, June 20, 2008

No need to worry about your identity theft while shopping, a new fraud protection system from Shop Shield

ShopshieldIf you shop online, and worried about fraud and identity theft, this article will be helpful to you.Shop Shield a new service provider in the web is giving you fraud protection service. The service is free... you don't need to pay a single penny.
Lets look what the service they provide... Firstly if you are worried about theft of credit card number, Bank Accounts, Billing Address, Email Address, Login Information, Shop Shield will protect you by their unique protection system.
Lets look how this system works...
When you shop online, your identity and several other important information is saved in the database of the company, and sometimes this companies sell the customer database illegally.
Q> What if, your identity and important information is not enter into the company's database ?
A> You don't have to worry about fraud and theft...
Shop Shield have developed a new web based technology, by which you will be shielded from entering your information in the company's database and you will be never thieved.
Every transaction is monitored by their technology, and if there is some fraud happens really,Shop Shield will pay each penny, up to $10,000 (it is more than your credit card company's coverage !!)
So, What do you think ? It's really a good service for the thousands of online customers.
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