Saturday, September 13, 2008

'Paid Post' - how true it is?

Blogger's are rushing toward the paid post to earn some money. Actually it it a good income for the blogger indeed. The process is very simple, Advertisers need some post about their products and services and they are paying blogger to write a review with some links to their website. And a middleman is earning for providing this services. But what about the audiences ? Are they getting what they want. Actually yesterday, i was travelling in train and the person sitting behind me asked about my profession. While talking to him he asked me that "when you write a post by taking money from advertisers then what is the truthfulness of the post?" I was actually stunned to his question and become speechless for a while. I answered him it's 100% false, because i can't write my opinion (Criticise) by taking money from advertiser when he bound me to write in positive tone. Then he advised me to write on this topic for my genuine audiences.

I would like to dedicate this post to my valuable audiences. I know they will understand.


Claudia said...


I have been doing paid posts for a long time and I assure you that I never had to lie about a product or a website. Some pay per post companies don´t even request that you write about the product. You can write a freeform post and insert a link somewhere in the post.
Besides that, most bloggers out there don´t have the power to influence users. If I had the knowledge to influence people through advertisements I would be a successful business person working with publicity.
But I am not. I don´t expect my visitors to jump to the site I am writing about and start buying everything in there only because I said it is a good site.
See you :)

Cool Computer Tricks & Tips said...

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for your nice comment... But till now i didn't find any advertising programme that allow me to "write a freeform post".
It will be very thankful to you if you please let me know such programme..

I think the post "Blog Advertising Sites Directory: Lists of popular paid blog advertising sites at this time…" is a good list for such programme...

here is the link

I think you will provide me some more information....