Thursday, September 11, 2008

How easy to earn money from blogging?

I am going to share my view on earning money from blogging. Thousands of blogger earned a good money from blogs in the past. But i am sure that they are not earning so much now a days. Actually the main cause is - There are thousands of blogger in the web right now and a huge portion of them are blogging for money. Most of them don't have any creativity (Not all). They are creating blogs, signing up for money making platform and writing paid posts. These new blogger have made the path very tough. The bidding system fails, with such low bid (As low as $ 0.01). Its very funny that some advertisers even pay $0.01 and the newer rush to it. Actually they don't have an idea what they are doing. I think the advertisers should think about it. $0.01 can't be blogger's payment. The advertisers gets low cost advertising and the blogger gets nothing.

I need yours valuable comment on this critique...

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