Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Decrease your start up time in Xp


You can minimize the startup time of windows XP. This is very effective. Though some softwares are available to do these task but installing unwanted softwares slow down your PC. So the best process is given below...

Follow the steps ....

1. Logged on into computer with administrative rights.

2. Open Run... Command and type msconfig and hit enter.

3. A small System Configuration Utility dialog box will appear with many options like General, System.ini Win.ini, Boot.ini, Services, Startup and Tools.

4. Select Startup tab and uncheck the applications that you want to disable from windows startup. (You can disable some optional windows applications like windows messenger, Yahoo messenger, QuickTime and many others auto startup programs that run automatically when you start your computer. Don't uncheck the applications that you don't know, this may harm your PC)

5. Click on Apply button to implement the changes then click on Ok button to end the configuration process.

6. Close the all program and restart your computer after any changes to go into effect.

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iCalvyn.com said...

after edit this, every time when u restart your PC, will have a pop up msg coming out

to avoid the pop up, you can refer this http://blog.icalvyn.com/avoid-pop-up-messege-after-edit-msconfig/

have a nice try